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Solution Development

Acting as your internal start-up, we address pain points and help you capture opportunities. Let us work together to take your business to the next level. Our experienced staff have developed systems to safely work within complex technology systems. Our small teams work independently to implement, test, and deploy solutions safely and quickly, maintaining the high productivity required to meet today's business requirements.

Automation and Integration

Automating functions and services to solve your common business needs. We can integrate separate applications into a seamless technology solution. Provide for your staff an environment where they can spend the majority of their time at their maximimum creative potential as tedious tasks are automated.


We can help your organization create loosely coupled architectures to enable organization agility and productivity. By eliminating tightly coupled systems, your organization can rapidly and safely innovate to meet your market's needs.

Custom Development

When off the shelf software does not meet your needs, we can build a solution specific to your requirements. We commonly see clients with overbuilt off the shelf solutions with high learning requirements that are far better served with a streamlined custom solution.

Business Applications

When off-the-shelf solutions makes sense, we can ensure that your organization hits the ground running with proper configuration, installation, and configuration of the most popular modern business solutions.

Technology Consulting

We connect your strategic vision to the technological innovations that will drive your organization's transformation. Navigating today's technology landscape can be daunting, let us be your navigator on your technology transformation journey.


Understanding the path forward requires a firm understanding of where we are today. We can perform a current state analysis of your organizations technology ecosystem and then provide a roadmap that aligns with your future vision.

Management Consulting

Technology and business goals need to be aligned. Corporate and technology strategies are interdependent as today technology underpins so much of the value we provide to our customers.


Unleash a data driven culture within your organization through rapid reporting and analytics against business data. Enable high performance teams by delivering to them relevant data and instant feedback.

Education and training

Today's knowledge economy demands that staff are forever learning. We can provide educating and training to empower your organization to self-service your technology needs and solution development.

Managed Services

Why worry about servers, licenses, backups, updates, monitoring, APIs, certificates and/or domains? A single point of contact will handle your managed service requirements so you can concentrate on your daily business needs.

Cloud and Migration Services

Manage licensing for major productivity and cloud solution providers like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure. Optimize to get the most out of your investment into the cloud. Move existing workflows off of legacy technologies to modern solutions

Data Services

Planning, rationalizing, building, and protecting data repositories including SharePoint lists, SQL Databases, and connect to other data sources. Protect what is important with backup and insure a rapid recover in the event of a disaster

Security and Compliance

We can access, reduce, and manage your IT security risks. Quantify the risks you face, develop and implement security strategies, and governance structure.


Develop, deploy, and manage production and development metrics. We can help your organization understand the health of your system and build in systems to automatically respond to issues.

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