Replacing Legacy Applications

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A legacy system is an old method, technology, computer system, or application program that is still in use. There is the idiom “Do not fix what is not broken,” but with IT applications it’s not entirely clear when it has reached a broken state. However, these systems may underpin the entire organization and therefore it is unwise to wait for a failure as the trigger to act.

Replacing a legacy application while maintaining the exact same functionality is a waste of resources. Are all fields required? What information in one field can be used to fill out other fields eliminating, steps and improving the user’s experience? Can the entire application be replaced with the users sign in credentials?

As time moves forward the tools of the day come with exponentially more intelligence than the predecessor. When replacing a legacy application, there is the opportunity to revisit existing processes and reimagine them with more intelligent solutions. We see this today with firms racing to incorporate machine learning and automation tools into all areas of their businesses.

It is very common when considering replacing a legacy system that a migration is on the table. For more details on migrations take a look here.

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