Who is MERAK? We are a group of super-passionate techies who love to solve problems. Designing, strategizing, building, purchasing, integrating… whatever the need, we partner with and provide our clients technical solutions that will move them one step closer to success. Whether developing a custom system, setting up a new CRM, or lending a key resource to augment a team, we are here to guide, help, and turn your ideas into reality. OUR TECH TALENT + YOUR BUSINESS = A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN

Management Consulting

PMI, COBIT, ITIL and TOGAF. Need to have a look at your business from a 30,000 foot perspective? Our senior staff can provide the insights you are looking for.

Software Development

Whether you are building software solutions from scratch or are enhancing existing legacy solutions, we will help you discover and increase your business efficiencies.

Software Integration

We will create a seamless end user experience by integrating your business systems with off-the-shelf products like Dynamics 365 and Microsoft SharePoint.

Managed Services

Why worry about servers, backups, updates, monitoring, APIs, certificates and/or domains? A single point of contact will handle your managed service requirements so you can concentrate on your daily business needs. Our use of Canadian data centers also ensures that your app is local, secure, and available. Period.

Resource Augmentation

Do you need expertise or guidance in one of your projects? Give us a call. We have set the bar high when it comes to the selection and training of our Project Managers and Developers. Rest assured, our team is amazing at what they do.

Code Grant

What's a Code Grant? We like to help organizations with their technical challenges by donating code. If you are interested in being a recipient, tell us about your idea by contacting us here.


Here are some of the really cool products that we've had the pleasure of building for our clients. And we’re quite proud of them.

CMS Production Dashboard Sample

Claim Management System

Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan

WasteReminder Product Main Page Sample


City of Guelph

MainTrack Page Sample




Based in Guelph Ontario, we are a Canadian software company whose main passion is to build amazing products for our clients. We do not offshore anything! From million-dollar systems to not-for-profit code grants, we know our stuff, big and small. We partner with industry thought leaders to help them be disruptive and innovative. A significant driving force for us is the relationships that we construct with our clients.

  • 1994-1998


    In the Beginning

    Like most tech startups, we began in a basement. With just a few computers, we were off to the races building enterprise applications.

  • 1999-2002


    Getting Busy

    The work started to pile up. The basement wasn’t cutting it, so we were doing everything on client sites. We needed more people, computers, and definitely more space.

  • 2003-2005


    A Real Office to Develop Web Apps

    Working on client sites doesn't work very well when you have multiple clients. We needed an office, so we found space in Guelph. Our clientele started to diversify and span across the country. Oh Canada!!!
    Our clients were modernizing themselves and moving from desktop applications to web apps.

  • 2006-2009


    Expansion and Award Winning Solutions

    Then the one office unit wasn't large enough, so we acquired the one next door. When we outgrew that, we used the one across the parking lot.
    Our work WON us a Gold - Alberta Premier’s Award of Excellence!

  • 2010


    An Office made by MERAK

    People were tired of tracking across the parking lot for meetings. So, it was time to build an office... An office constructed based on the wants and needs of MERAK employees.

  • 2010-Present



    Our agricultural portfolio increased, as well as our expansion into municipalities, healthcare, education, and automotive industries. We broadened our expertise even further and began building more and more mobile apps.

  • Be Part
    of our

Our Amazing Team

Our employees are our competitive advantage. Our people have worked together for years; they are not just contractors assembled for the first time. We have high performance teams who quickly move from problem to solution mode.

While we can’t list them all, here are few members of our team:

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. Send us your details and we'll get in touch. Phone: 519.767.1292 Address: Unit 7-930 Woodlawn Rd W., Guelph, ON N1K 1T2