Custom Development

When off the shelf software does not meet your needs, we can build a solution specific to your business needs. We have experience developers capable of working with numerous development technologies like Java, .Net, PHP, C++, Python, Angular, Elasticsearch, Liquibase, Karma, Protractor, Bower, Maven, Docker, jHipster, Bootstrap, HTML5, CCS3, SQL, MySQL, Node.js, React.js, Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and many more.

Get started with an assessment

The assessment engages key stakeholders to identify business pain points. We will work with you to develop a future state to support a return on investment developing a custom solution. Examples of opportunities using custom software:

  • Have greater control over the environment in which your processes operate in.
  • Streamline the solution your organization needs with exactly the features it requires.
  • Reduce your dependency on external solution providers.
  • Migrate risks from system integration requirements.

The Custom Development assessment identifies candidates for process improvement and actionable business intelligence.


  • Gain an understanding for how a custom solution can drive growth, innovation, and profitability.
  • A rough estimate of the return on investment for a custom solution compared to an off the shelf product.
  • Have a best practice roadmap for comparing the pros and cons of custom development.


  • Evaluate your existing business processes and pain points.
  • Discuss solution scenarios, use cases, and limitations.
  • Assess the feasibility of custom development versus alternative solutions.
  • Determine implementation scope.


  • Educational briefing.
  • Identification of opportunities with a custom developed solution.
  • If possible, a demo of a similar implementation.
  • Long-term strategy and implications.
  • An estimate of licensing, cloud, and development costs.
  • Governance recommendations.

*Estimated pricing is dependent on specific needs and length of service term.

MERAK Systems Corporation can help:

Automate: Replace repetitive tasks with intelligent automation.

Empower: Empowering our clients to develop and manage solutions for themselves ensuring they can remain technology relevant.

Modernize: Develop solutions to meet new business needs, re-imagine legacy systems and technologies, and support citizen developer productivity.

Manage at Scale: MERAK Systems Corporation provides the best practices to help manage and govern your organization’s creations at scale.

Visualize: Unleash a data driven culture within your organization through rapid reporting and analytics against business data.

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