Great careers should not come at the cost of family life
Working at MERAK

We hire for fit

People are hired not just for their experience but for how well they will fit in. We hire the person first, over their skills and qualifications, and give them the opportunity to learn and grow. Understand what makes people happy, and everyone is different. For some, what they’re working on is most important, for others it’s salary or benefits or flexibility. Be in tune with everyone’s needs and make sure we never give anyone a reason to leave.

What makes MERAK different?

Because we are essentially selling our employees’ technology skills, lifelong learning is highly valued. The more skills our employees have, the more we can sell. Some people want to learn a skill and apply it for their entire career, but we’re in an industry where that’s just not possible. Employees identify what job-related learning opportunities are of interest, and we pay the full amount. This is a high-level organizational goal.

We compete in the same resource pool as all the big tech organizations. A great career should not come at the expense of family life. Large tech firms are going to have slides and ping pong tables and free meals because the goal is to have employees at work as much as possible. We want to go home at night, so we’re offering a different environment.

Our Amazing Team

Our employees are our competitive advantage. Our people have worked together for years; they are not just contractors assembled for the first time. We have high performance teams who quickly move from problem to solution mode.

Principal | Arend van Eck

Arend van Eck


President | Brett Bickerton

Brett Bickerton


Office Manager | Claire Preuss

Claire Preuss

Office Manager

Software Developer | Csaba Nemeth

Csaba Nemeth

Software Developer

Business Analyst | Darren Dempsey

Darren Dempsey

Business Analyst

Software Developer | Jackson McAvoy

Jackson McAvoy

Software Developer

Business Intelligence Analyst | Jacob Goerz

Jacob Goerz

Business Intelligence Analyst

Software Developer | James Dyer

James Dyer

Software Developer

Lead Business Analyst | Jim Klapwyk

Jim Klapwyk

Lead Business Analyst

Project Manager | Lisa Guidolin

Lisa Guidolin

Project Manager

Software Developer | Mark Gofton

Mark Gofton

Software Developer

Software Developer | Mike McGimsie

Mike McGimsie

Software Developer

Project Manager | Muneer Al-Hulaibi

Muneer Al-Hulaibi

Project Manager

Business Analyst | Scott Grant

Scott Grant

Business Analyst

Systems Analyst | Sean Myers

Sean Myers

Systems Analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst | Shilpa Bangalore Subbarao

Shilpa Bangalore Subbarao

Quality Assurance Analyst

Project Manager | Terry Rendle

Terry Rendle

Project Manager