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Proofs of concept (PoC) serve several purposes. One of the primary aims is to demonstrate that a larger solution will solve the problem it is being designed for. The PoC also can serve as evidence that a practice can be used for future projects and in many cases, the output of a PoC can be used to accelerate future solutions. Additionally, proof of concepts are one of the key tools when trying to displace the competition by rapidly showing value. A proper PoC is defined with a clear and concrete scope. This is done by conducting an architecture design session to align business and technical requirements to clear goals. This should include:

  • Identify workloads and features to demonstrate
  • Determine what needs to be proven and which objections need to be overcome
  • Clearly define responsibilities and set up organization
  • Set up subscriptions, define payment, and perform cost estimates of the PoC
  • Agree on the next steps if the success criteria are met

It is important to identify the technical resources needed for the PoC, including the technical implementation team and project management for tracking the progress of the engagement. It is important that the POC is designed for production from the beginning and ensures regular communication with all stakeholders.

At the end of the project, create a report that explains the overall status of the PoC and any issues identified during the project. The report should elaborate on the pros and cons of the delivery and clearly explain the value proposition of moving forward with a real implementation to the stakeholders along with expected production costs over time. Assuming the stakeholders agree to move forward, put a plan into place to deploy the PoC into production while ensuring that it is designed for production usage.

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