Why Testing is required?

In today’s competitive market and advanced technology world, customers want software releases to have new features and implemented faster. They need working software rather than written documents or prototypes. To achieve this, developers build the software within a short time frame introducing defects in the software. If the software is released without testing, it can cause the system to fail or return incorrect results. Therefore testing is required to help improve the quality, reliability, accuracy, usability and performance of the system. Testing is done to verify if the software

  • meets expectations,
  • prevents unexpected results,
  • satisfies the needs of customers,
  • improves long term maintenance of the application.

However in Agile paradigm, every aspect of development, requirements, design and testing is continually revisited throughout the lifecycle. Testing happens early and often. It is done concurrently with coding. Automated tests are run frequently to test the software effectively and within the release time. In Agile testing process:

  • Working software is built and tested frequently
  • Customer satisfaction by rapid, continuous delivery of software
  • Direct interaction with people are emphasized rather than process and tools
  • Regular adaptation to changing circumstances
  • Quality is combined team’s responsibility
  • Focus on team goals and customer value

Why MERAK for QA?

At MERAK we value the QA process throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.  With our group of experienced and knowledgable QA professionals, we have the ability to create a comprehensive test approach designed specifically for your project.

We know how to test!  Testing is an essential phase of any project.  Our qualified analysts possess a range of skills and aptitudes.  From a full suite of manual and automated tests, to a set of complimentary maintenance tests, MERAK will use the testing methodologies and tools required to ensure testing is completed thoroughly and efficiently.

Our QA team has the flexibility to integrate with your existing project team or provide an independent group of QA resources.  Once your exact needs are determined, MERAK will collaborate with your organization in a personable and open manner to deliver a high quality product.