A year ago James Dyer embarked on an interesting twist on the traditional Movember fundraising and awareness campaign for men’s health. (Background of Movember Adaptation).

As a true (and modest!) agent of change, James could not have anticipated the impact he would have over the year on those around him. He found that colleagues, family and friends would rather part with their money than see him shave his mustache. Being coined as a local everyday hero and featured in a local blog for his fundraising efforts James stayed true and steady to the cause.

November 2012

James sold his mustache off to the highest bidder every week and took requests about how it should be styled. One of the more creative approaches took place on the mustache’s last day - a Narwhal of all things.

Over the year James raised an amazing $4,225, supporting a variety of causes.

Thanks James for showing us how fun, easy and creative one can be to call others to action.