Episode 4

“Adapt” has its roots in Latin. Adaptare - “To Fit”: ad- “To” + aptare “Fit”.

To adapt is to make it suitable for a new use or purpose. For an organization to adapt, it must make conditions within the organization suitable for fostering curiosity and learning. Curiosity is a function of leadership and culture, while learning can come in many forms and increasingly certifications are often used to mark milestones of competency.

On May 2nd, MERAK became a Microsoft Silver Partner by fulfilling all the requirements in the competency of Application Development. This marks a major milestone in our roadmap to become extensively certified within the Microsoft platform. Next on our list is Gold in Application Development and Silver in Application Integration, DevOps, and Data Platform.

Since 1994, MERAK has worked with the tools of the day to meet our clients needs. In custom software development the tools change regularly. Today, software applications are governed by sandbox rules: modern applications share everything and must play nice with others.


Connection is key. Software connects humans to humans, humans to data, and data to data; it is very rare for an application to work in complete isolation. It is also rare for an application to be written from scratch. Modern development is all about application programming interfaces (APIs). An API is a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software. With APIs, applications can play nice with each other in the software sandbox.

Typically, developers are not judged by their fluency in a single language or application, but on how quickly they can acquire and apply fluency of newly developed APIs. MERAK is adapting its practices and competencies to be successful in a world where organizations have access to powerful platform solutions.

In the past, MERAK would develop customized solutions for a client; however, the maturity of Microsoft’s solution ecosystem allows organizations to do everything within a single platform, replacing many stand-alone solutions. Mastering this technology environment is our way of avoiding becoming a dinosaur.

As these platforms evolve the tools/APIs are new to everyone, including experienced developers. Our certifications give clients the piece of mind that we can help their organization stay technology relevant.