Episode 1

“The Only Constant is Change”

Staying technology relevant is not a one-time task, but a practice requiring humility, experimentation, and collaboration. Numerous management frameworks describe optimizing strategies and processes for changing rules, but technological disruption changes the game itself.


Humility opens the mind to the possibility that what we know today might not be what is needed to solve tomorrow’s problems. The collective experience or education of staff and leadership does not matter, an organization does not know what it does not know.


By testing ideas through repeated experimentation, successes and failures accumulate to provide valuable learning lessons about your organization’s capabilities and market needs. Additionally, experimentation allows staff and leadership to build effective collaboration processes.


Collaboration is crucial today, as we work in multi-disciplinary teams that coordinate activities both at scale and with precision.


Organizations fail when they rely on what they know to respond to rule changes but do not see it is the game that has changed. Whether your core competency is the development of technology solutions or you use technology as an enabler of your organization’s strategy, staying technology relevant is a core competency that is going to keep you in the game.