25 Year history building innovative solutions for our clients
About us

Our Goals

Respond to the rapidly changing technology ecosystem

Provide for our clients stable, robust, and secure solutions

Why DevOps and Agile?

To meet these goals MERAK has adopted DevOps and Agile principles and methodologies. Software development has matured and operates much akin to manufacturing. The lean manufacturing movement has taught us that we must make work visible, reduce batch sizes, intervals of work and build in quality by preventing defects from being passed to downstream work centers.

Modern technology development requires accepting that we operate in complex environments where knowing all the impacts of a change upfront is extremely difficult to determine. Therefore, it is important to design a system that allows for safety, where complex work is managed so that problems in design and operations are revealed. Once revealed, problems are swarmed and solved, resulting in quick construction of new knowledge.

A major ramification of adopting Agile and DevOps is that team structures are multi-disciplinary and what were once siloed areas of responsibility are directly integrated within the daily work of development. MERAK prides itself in a generative high trust culture that supports a dynamic, disciplined, and scientific approach to experimentation and risk-taking, that facilitates the creation of organizational learning both from successes and failures.


Based in Guelph Ontario, in the heart of the Waterloo-Toronto technology corridor, we are a Canadian software company whose passion is building amazing products for our clients. We partner with industry thought leaders to help them be disruptive and innovative. A significant driving force for us is the relationships that we foster with our clients.

  • 1994-1998


    In the Beginning

    Like most tech startups, we began in a basement. With just a few computers, we were off to the races building enterprise applications.

  • 1999-2002


    Getting Busy

    The work started to pile up. The basement wasn’t cutting it, so we were doing everything on client sites. We needed more people, computers, and definitely more space.

  • 2003-2005


    A Real Office to Develop Web Apps

    Working on client sites doesn't work very well when you have multiple clients. We needed an office, so we found space in Guelph. Our clientele started to diversify and span across the country. Oh Canada!!!
    Our clients were modernizing themselves and moving from desktop applications to web apps.

  • 2006-2009


    Expansion and Award Winning Solutions

    Then the one office unit wasn't large enough, so we acquired the one next door. When we outgrew that, we used the one across the parking lot.
    Our work WON us a Gold - Alberta Premier’s Award of Excellence!

  • 2010


    An Office made by MERAK

    People were tired of tracking across the parking lot for meetings. So, it was time to build an office... An office constructed based on the wants and needs of MERAK employees.

  • 2010-2016



    Our agricultural portfolio increased, as well as our expansion into municipalities, healthcare, education, and automotive industries. We broadened our expertise even further and began building more and more mobile apps.

  • 2016-2019


    Mastering Cloud - DevOps - Agile

    Integration of automated build and testing, continuous integration, and delivery into our development processes. We work hard to ensure communication between our partners, developers, and operations is effective.

  • 2019


    Microsoft Gold Partner

    We fulfilled the requirements to be granted Gold Status as a Microsoft Partner. This marks a milestone in our road-map to become extensively certified within the Microsoft Partner Network.

  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022